About Us

Our motto: Doing well, by doing good.

At Kipple, we want to give everyone the choice to ‘kipple it’ (buying better stuff and sharing it!). Our mission is two-fold. First, we want to create amazing experiences of arriving and departing from places where we’ve spent a small but meaningful portion of our lives.

Second, we want to reduce the waste footprint that is created when we move homes, cities, countries and continents.The kipple.kit is a kit of better stuff which can be used and returned, to be loved and shared again! We believe that a socially and environmentally sustainable future depends not just on consumers making better choices, but innovative enterprises, like Kipple, making those choices available.

Jana | Kipple Co-founder

Curious about what ‘home’ meant to different people from different places, Jana spent the last five years travelling across continents, learning languages, exploring cuisines and cultures. Every time she moved, she realized how difficult it was to set up ‘home’ - buying new kitchenware, bedding etc. and then just throwing/donating when she left. The idea for Kipple was born when she moved (again!) to the UK to do her masters.

‘Eating home-cooked food in a new country always made me feel instantly comfortable. I’ve made so many friends over shared dinners! The kipple.kit is full of products I love to use, and share with others when I move on and don’t need them anymore’

Ismat | Kipple Co-founder

Working with waste in India, Ismat spent some time venturing into mountainous landfills. Seeing over-consumption at its worst, she decided to do something about it. Passionate about consuming consciously and reducing waste, Ismat has the awkward habit of occasionally (not really, it’s all the time) rummaging through trash bins. Going through some of the things that students are forced to dump because they cannot resell everything, donate or carry as luggage was shocking. So we decided to create a kit of essentials that students could get, use and then return – to pass it forward to new students.

‘When we throw something away, we decide that it’s not useful to anyone anymore. We need to start thinking about using stuff for longer, more carefully, and find ways to share! Each of our products has a story to tell, a story inspired by our diverse, incredible student community ’