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Every year, students departing university leave behind tonnes of usable stuff, which ends up in landfills. The kipple.kit is a box of better stuff which can be shared by generations of students, used and re-used. Let's break the cycle of use-and-throw and build a sustainable, waste-less future!

"I reached my room late at night hungry and cold. Thanks to the kipple.kit, my first night at University felt like home. "

Jingwen, Norwich Business School

"I had never cooked before so when I came to University, I didn't know what was needed! The kipple.kit was a lifesaver. I could enjoy freshers week and make friends without a worry" 

Mark, School of Environmental Sciences

 "I was busy with applying for jobs, planning to move back home, and didn’t have time to sort, resell and donate my stuff. Luckily, I could easily return my kipple.kit, and I knew it would be used by new students, which felt awesome"

Nathalia, School of International Development